I love, love, love, the 21 day cleanse. I lost 11 pounds while filling up on healthy foods and delicious smoothies. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is health conscious and wants to start on the path to healthier eating. The weekly check ins with Risa help to keep me on track and inspire me to make healthier choices. This has benefited my entire family. Thanks Risa!

- Carrie M.

After her 14-day stint on the Newport Beach Cleanse, Arianna feels so much better. She has been sleeping better and has increased energy. After trying all the recipes, she’s been able to remove gluten, soy, and sugar from her diet and keep it out. She even attributes the loss of migraines she has experienced since childhood to the cleanse foods. Without concentrating on it, she lost six pounds while sticking to the cleanse and her exercise routine. Arianna highly recommends the cleanse, even if you’re not looking to lose weight, because it is completely transformational.

- Arianna

Clare describes her time on the Newport Beach Cleanse as a good reset to get back on track. After losing five pounds and several inches, she feels great, has more natural energy, and is sleeping better. The easy-to-make, great-tasting recipes and simple plan were definitely worth it for Clare.

- Clare

Wendy is “feeling absolutely fabulous” after her two weeks on the cleanse and extended it to 22 days. Now she feels like a new person, has lost seven pounds, and is wearing clothes she hasn’t worn in over a year. She’s energetic, loving what she is eating, and feels great. After struggling with digestive tract issues for a year, she’s also enjoying a more regular digestive system. The cleanse has been life changing for Wendy and it is now part of her lifestyle. She continues to enjoy the shakes daily.

- Wendy

During her two weeks on the cleanse, Poonam lost nine pounds and saw her acne clear up. She says she is feeling better than she’s ever felt before. The Newport Beach Shakes and Eating Plan have become a part of her lifestyle and she has also given up gluten and dairy. According to Poonam, the Newport Beach Cleanse is “an amazing program and everyone should try it.”

- Poonam

After three weeks on the cleanse, Dan saw such encouraging results—ten pounds lost and his blood pressure returning to a normal range—that he opted to add an extra week. Being more conscious of what he was eating, he realized how much late night and extra snacking he was doing. On the Newport Beach Cleanse Eating Plan, he’s found he no longer eats food for sport, but only when he’s hungry. Dan has also amazed himself by not drinking coffee in three weeks and still having plenty of energy.

- Dan

Ginny has more energy and is feeling slimmer after only three weeks on the Newport Beach Cleanse. She has lost nine pounds and increased her workouts. She is also enjoying the Eating Plan and the yummy shakes, and says it is not like being on a meal plan. She is making the cleanse work for her by adjusting the sweetness of the shakes and making new recipes for herself. She even plans on extending the cleanse for another week because it feels so effortless.

- Ginny

Denice loved her time on the cleanse and has been recommending everyone she knows to give it a shot. The recipes were easy and delicious—and since she’s not a cook she’s certain everyone will be able to cook some of the recipes. Denice says she’s even gotten her husband and friends hooked on Risa’s cleanse recipes. She didn’t feel hungry at all and actually felt so full that she found it a struggle some days to get the second shake in. She lost an amazing 23 pounds on the cleanse and feels like she’s learned a lot about what to eat and what not to eat; so much so that she’s even confident in the grocery store and going out to eat.

- Denice

The cleanse was easier than Shannon thought. After three weeks, she says she is feeling 1000% better—experiencing a more even-keeled mood, increased energy, sleeping better, and just generally feeling healthier. She didn’t feel hungry at all and even created some of her own new tasty dishes during her time on the cleanse.

- Shannon

After 28 days on the Newport Beach Cleanse, Ron lost 25 pounds and five inches off his waist. He is having strong workouts and never went hungry with all the great food options. He states it is the best thing he’s ever done, and is feeling energetic and healthy.

- Ron

Bridgette came into the cleanse with a self-professed sugar addiction, but after a few days on the program she had cut added sugar entirely as the fruits and shakes were enough to satisfy her sweet tooth. After a 14-day cleanse, she was sleeping and concentrating better, and had tons more energy. Her skin was much clearer, too.

- Bridgette

After powering through a rough start, due to existing health issues not related to the cleanse, Becca’s broken her dependence on coffee and is experiencing no digestive pain. She also lost 8 pounds and said “I feel skinny,” and good and healthy, with natural energy.

- Becca

I have had a revelation. Since being on the cleanse, I realize I used to be addicted to food. Before the cleanse, it didn’t matter what I ate, as long as I ate. I thought I was dieting, and eating heathy but I couldn’t lose weight. I blamed it on metabolism, age, and whatever else I could think of, because I didn’t want to admit I was addicted to food.

When I started the cleanse I thought I can do this for three weeks. That’s all I need to do it for and I can do THREE weeks! An amazing thing happened without me even realizing it until recently.

I am no longer addicted to food. I stopped eating animal protein for the most part and started eating truly healthy and I enjoy it. Who would have thought that I would have gone from pasta to zucchini noodles? And I love the zucchini noodles. I put creamy vegan garlic spread on them, chopped tomatoes, and diced mushrooms—it is delicious!

What’s even more amazing is that I have no, and I repeat, no, cravings. I can watch people eat sugary, starchy foods and have no cravings for them, which was an impossibility before the cleanse.

I can see, now, that my relationship with food was really unhealthy. I try to eat organic, whenever possible, and really enjoy the taste of what I make. Jicama fries, avocado hummus, grilled veggies, zucchini pasta … just to name a few. These dishes are all wonderfully tasty and something I might never have tried if not for the Newport Beach Cleanse. I love being able to try new healthy foods, because they are so tasty. And I love, love, love the shakes in the morning.

A side effect is that I feel great, sleep wonderfully and continue to lose weight.

I’m so happy I tried the cleanse and stuck with it.

- Patti

Jim Germanakos, NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” season 4 at-home champion, had a great experience on the Newport Beach Cleanse which has lead to him maintaining his new-found lifestyle change with one shake a day. He lost 27 pounds on the cleanse and is still losing. Jim’s sleeping better and has “all the energy in the world.”

- Jim Germanakos

The Newport Beach Cleanse has Mike back at the top of his game. He’s lost about 10 pounds and is seeing a marked improvement in his blood sugar numbers as well as improved clarity of mind. He enjoys the shakes and doesn’t feel hungry. His experience also inspired him to make this a part of his lifestyle going forward.

- Mike

Vicki’s experience with the Newport Beach Cleanse inspires her to share the unexpected benefits with anyone she can, even in the grocery store. She says her energy is off the charts, and she no longer suffers from vertigo or the aches and pains that kept her awake at night. The ease of the Newport Beach Cleanse, the simply delicious recipes, and the tasty, filling shakes leave her satisfied and excited about maintaining the dietary changes beyond the 14-day plan.

- Vicki

Camille is also bursting with energy and sleeping better since her cleanse. She’s not hungry, despite cutting sugars and carbs from her diet—and was pleasantly surprised to find new favorites in the foods she tried for the first time as part of the cleanse. She even saw the benefits of these changes reflected by improvement in her skin.

- Camille

My wife and I started the cleanse a month ago.

We were diligent and committed to the program. The first four days were not particularly hard, but we felt tired and experienced lots of trips to the restroom. Soon, we began to feel a sense of natural energy, and started to feel lighter and cleaner after week one. After two weeks, I was down 9 pounds and my wife down 5 pounds. We are a month in and still having the smoothies every morning, while eating sensible snacks and meals. More importantly, we have resisted the intake of sugar, dairy, bread, and alcohol. Following these recommendations has dramatically altered our lifestyle. Eating the right way is incredible, satisfying, and life-changing.

We sincerely appreciate the Newport Beach Cleanse, and what we have learned in the process. We are truly excited to continue the journey to health and wellness.

- Dr. Lee & Michelle

I am on day 13 of the 14-day cleanse. Not only have I lost 18 lbs., I feel absolutely wonderful. I have so much more energy and feel great every day, all day. It is amazing how good you feel about yourself when eating the right foods; you build a natural high. I thought I would miss coffee, but no, not even the slightest. The shake I drink twice a day fills me up and gives me so much more energy—and it’s so easy to make. I highly recommend anyone to give this a try. It’s only 14 days. Stay disciplined, follow the meal plan, and try to do some type of exercise every day. You will be amazed at the results. It’s a great jump start to a healthier life. Try it and you’ll see. Good luck!

- Kevin

For many years Risa has been sharing her knowledge of nutrition with me and encouraging me to feed my body what it needs and wants. Like many people, however, I couldn’t imagine life without cookies, ice cream, or just about anything sweet. Wow, was I wrong! I have not had my “vices” (ice cream and cookies) for 2 months. At first I did miss them and periodically still do but not enough that I would choose them over how great I feel!

For a long time I felt physically exhausted and mentally foggy. I did not sleep well, if I was even able to fall asleep at all. A decision to go back to school in mid-life was the spark that lit the match. I knew in order to do well and get the most out of my education, I first needed to get my brain and body back. That was the moment I picked up the phone and called Risa.

A combination of extensive nutritional knowledge, her warm personality, and a genuine desire to make people’s lives the best they can be, inevitably lead to, not only my success, but many others.

- Alaina D.

Thank you for being a knowledgeable and caring nutritionist. According to my blood tests I was a healthy person but had aches and discomfort throughout my body that my internist could not address. With your guidance of foods and supplements my energy level is unbelievable, getting out of bed is fun no joint aches and I love it when my girlfriends complement me that I really look good.

- Vera K.

When I met Risa I was my heaviest I’ve ever been. For awhile I had been considering on changing my diet and considered doing a Cleanse, but was worried my “belly” wouldn’t be able handle it. I suffered from IBS (I thought, which might after all just have been gluten intolerance), allergies and migraines. Also, with working the nightshift, my sleep has been very challenging. Already during the 21-Day Cleanse I noticed huge changes; to name a few, sleeping better, less heartburn and more energy. After completing the Cleanse I continued with the 12-Week Nutrition Consultation. I have been off Prilosec and any other antacids for weeks. I have been getting much less migraines and I lost a total of 20Ibs in three months!!! My diet now is gluten- and lactose-free, mainly organic and non-processed foods. The amazing thing: I don’t miss a lot of my prior favorite foods and snacks. Risa came into my life at the perfect time. Thank you for everything.

- Kristin G.

I’m 45 years old and had been eating pretty “clean” since I turned 40 — avoiding all processed sugar and white flour and focusing on vegetables and lean meats.  I knew I was insulin resistant and was concerned with high blood sugar, so I was always careful to watch my diet.   So even though I thought I ate a really healthy diet, when I came to see Risa, I just wasn’t feeling as good as I had in the past.

Over the last two years I had gradually gained about 15 pounds and had started to have very uncomfortable peri menopausal symptoms… breast swelling, erratic and missed periods, and intensified PMS symptoms.  I wasn’t sure if anything would work for me — I was truly getting desperate and I didn’t want to go on hormones.

I’ve been seeing Risa for the last 9 weeks and I have followed her diet and supplement recommendations and my results have been fantastic!   I’ve lost 8 pounds so far and my peri menopausal symptoms are essentially gone – not just lessened — they are gone!  I’m thrilled and can’t say enough about how much better I feel.  I’ve learned a lot about what is best for my body – and how to change my diet to alleviate my symptoms.

- Leah B.

“The 21-Day Detox with Risa Groux was one of the most life changing experiences ever. I have always had a major issue with sleeping through the night, my weight, and of course when I get stressed I always go for candy. While on my 21-day journey my sleep improved 100%. I am actually getting great sleep for once in my life. One of the most amazing things is that I was faced with so many stressful situations with work, having to put an animal to sleep (that I have had for 16 years) and never once did I ever go for that Candy. Or ever once even crave it!!! I felt like I was so clear minded that I was able to deal with what ever was thrown at me. It truly has been a life changing experience; I have whole new understanding of eating through the great knowledge that Risa has provided. She has answered every question and more that I have had for her. I am so glad that I made the commitment to stick with the 21 Day Detox and as an added bonus I lost just shy of 13 pounds in 21 days. One word sums it all up Amazing!!!! I would extremely recommend anybody to try the 21-Day Detox… I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Thanks so much again, seriously life changing :)”

- Kathy L.